Bump Update: Week 27

HELLLOOOO Third Trimester! Welcome..have a seat…would you like some cookies, cake, brownies, a pumpkin pie blizzard? Okay, me too. I feel like I’ve been in week 20-something for ever. But Miss Evy did finally let me sleep through the night a time or two so it has been a better trimester than the first two! Now we are starting to get slightly uncomfortable with this growing belly – Evy is not so keen on the limited space and my belly button is starting to scream when she takes a big wack at it. Berli made the picture this week…sweet kitty kisses 🙂 I tried editing out the dark circles under my eyes but Photo Editor just laughed at me. I guess I better get used to this dark and mysterious look because sleep will be non existent in this house for a while!

Sweet Berli boy!
Sweet Berli boy!
That belly though...
That belly though…

Weekly Questions

What’s today’s date? September 22

What trimester are you in? 3rd!! Woohooo!! Well my app said 26 weeks was 3rd, then I got online and saw where 27 and 28 weeks are actually your first weeks in the 3rd trimester…so I’m going with the middle option.

How many days until your due date? 87 days! Down in the double digits..yikes!

How big is baby? 2 pounds :] size of an acorn squash!

Any cravings? Bagels with cream cheese, cookies of all kinds, cookie dough blizzards, COOKIE CAKE FROM GREAT AMERICAN COOKIE – must include lots of icing, pistachios, popcorn, cheese, and sweet tea!

Maternity clothes? Oh definitely. My pants are starting to laugh at me though, even the belly band is getting tight?!

Stretch marks? No, not yet..although with throbbing pain I get from my belly button I’m expecting something to be marked up soon.

How much weight have you gained? Still at 15 pounds, surprisingly.

Belly button innie or outie? It’s kind of half out half in? It has a ledge at the top, kind of like a ski slope or a roll in carpet? When I laugh it wiggles up and down, which makes my mom laugh, which makes me laugh, which then makes me pee my pants…in Target’s dressing room. Great fun.

Felt kicks? Describe movement you feel? LOTS of movement. This kid loves to dance. Every time I tell M about the moves she’s making he said he pictures Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy dancing in his little pot at the end of the movie. And just like when Groot stops moving when someone looks at him, Evy does the same when we rush to put our hands over my belly to feel her dancing in there! So hard to catch 🙂

Sleep? Back to not sleeping…if you’re up at 3AM just send me a Facebook message. I’m most likely awake!

Any guesses on when you will go into labor? Still sticking with December 18 due date or around then.


See you in a few weeks!



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