Choosing Paint Colors is like…

…stabbing yourself in the eye, walking on glass barefoot, stubbing your pinky toe on a corner, touching a hot pan, or belly-flopping into the pool. I HATE picking out paint.

We are going with the new trendy look and ever so popular “Greige” which is a beige and grey mixed together to provide a neutral but warm feel. When I went to the paint store I was asked if I needed any help and I quickly asked what their most popular “greige” was because the last time I picked out a grey on my own it went on purple… M wasn’t too happy that our bedroom was a girly purple. I wanted a grey/beige that wasn’t a depressing blue, sickly green, middle school purple or crazy cat lady mauve…and 6 samples later I found my greige! Bless the little gal’s heart at Sherwin Williams, she knew my name, account number, and paint colors by the end of last weekend but by golly we were purchasing our paint at 40% off and that was that! (Rhonda, girl, you are awesome and the most patient retail worker I’ve ever met!)

Here are my samples I tried on our living room wall. I apologize in advance for the picture quality, it was getting late and the light in that room is terrible (another reason I was having such a hard time choosing a color!)


Paint Samples


Pictured Paints (From L to R): Bruton White-BM, Passive Gray-SW, Repose Gray-SW, Revere Pewter-BM, Stonington Gray-BM, and Accessible Beige-SW.

We decided on Revere Pewter for the entire house (wasn’t too happy about that but the fact that it looks different in every room due to lighting makes it that much better!) and Stonington Gray for our Master bedroom and bathroom. We may eventually do Bruton White in the laundry room and pink bathroom, but I’m still undecided. Our ceiling paint is Ivory Lace – SW and trim will be Dover White-SW.

Our flooring will be what is pictured in the bottom right corner. We decided to go with a floating laminate floor because it’s cheap (on sale! duh…when do I ever buy anything full price), durable, and the color and width I want. It’s Home Depot’s Traffic Master Saratoga Hickory and once we get it down, I’ll let you know how I really feel about it. I hope it’s all happy thoughts because I’m not hunting for anymore flooring!

Price of paint and supplies:


Amount of money saved:


Feeling of being done picking out paint:


Good riddance smoke stained walls! Hello sexy, chic Greige :]



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