Hi. I’m H and I’m terrible at keeping secrets about myself. There, I said it. I tell on myself when I’ve eaten a whole box of Oreos. Heck, when I was little I would run to my mother and tattle on myself before she even knew I had done something wrong. But when it comes to thinking up the perfect way to tell M that I was pregnant again (because the first time, we found out in a not-so-very-fun way), you better believe I’m going try my darnedest to keep my big yapper shut.

Let me just tell you…I’m a ninja. I know everything there is to know about stealth mode because I conquered it one day at the grocery store while M and I were shopping. Here’s the story:

When we grocery shop, we always try to pick up Izzy-pup a new toy because she destroys them in like 5 seconds! We finished shopping and forgot to look at any new toys they had and went straight to the check-out (lovely fur baby parents – I know). Suddenly it hits me…now would be the perfect time to go buy pregnancy tests because M would never suspect it if he’s here with me at the store, and knows what we purchased (he is constantly watching the bank account on what I spend where and when I spend it – so he wouldn’t notice 2 grocery charges right?). So I casually ask if he will sit in the self-checkout line while I go look at dog toys, and he agrees. I briskly walk to the pet aisle, and then once out of sight sprint to the middle aisle and down 6 aisles (yes I counted) to the family planning aisle – all while pulling up coupons on the grocery app because those suckers are expensive. NINJA. Once I find the test I want, I race back to the middle aisle and down to the pet aisle. M is still waiting in line and just about to walk up to a self-checkout that faces the rest of the store – and there’s another self-check booth opening up directly behind him…bingo! I checkout and stuff the box in my purse and casually walk up to M like I’ve been in the pet aisle this whole time.

He never even noticed. Graduated from stealth mode school (applause).

My plan on telling M if I did get a positive p-test was to have someone snap a picture of me telling him, so I could get his reaction on camera! Thankfully some friends of ours had requested M take some Spring family photos of them that coming weekend and M also wanted a few pictures of us – since we never take pictures together. My plan is falling into place perfectly 🙂

I made the poor decision of taking a test on a Monday (remember pictures are Saturday) and had a faint positive. So just to be sure, I took another test Tuesday morning WHILE M WAS GETTING READY (stupid girl) and got a big, fat positive. Trying not to smile while you’re supposed to be dead dog tired is really, really hard. But I managed and hid both tests under the mattress because that’s the best I could come up with. Lastly, I took a test on Saturday morning (M was asleep on the couch) just to make double sure before we snapped pictures of his reaction to “I’m Pregnant!” that this was the real deal – another positive.

So off to the picture location we go, and surprisingly the conversation went to babies. No, I did not initiate this convo because I’m doing my best to keep a secret all while bursting at the seams to shout it from every rooftop in town. M says, “I think we should wait a while to start trying again for a baby, just to make sure we are ready” and in my mind I’m shouting “Well get ready bubs because the wait is over!”

We barely got a before snap-shot before Mr. Nosy Britches read the sign, but hey I’ll take it 🙂


I’ll try to post updated belly pictures on here so 1. I can remember this pregnancy, it’s already going by so fast! and 2. I don’t blow up everyone’s new feeds on Facebook with new photos every week.






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